Question: I'am a foreigner, I have an international driving license, can I rent a car in Vietnam and drive by my self?
Answer: No, current laws in Vietnam forbid drivers without a Vietnamese licenses.

Question: Can I rent a car with an English speaking driver?
Answer: Yes, all of the SATSCO's drivers can speak and understand English. If you encounter any communication problems, you can call our customer service agents +84 977847893 or our manager at +84 913734611.

Question: Am I responsible for damages to the car?
Answer: On SATSCO chauffeur drive rental, our chauffeur is responsible for the car, not you.

Question: Can I request the same driver for multiple days?
Answer: Yes, we can arrange the same driver for multiple day rentals

Question: How can I rent a car at Tan Son Nhat Aipport?
Answer: after finishing the Immigration and Custom check, please go out of the terminal and turn right to our counter located at the gate no. 13 below. Here SATSCO's staff will welcome you and process your payment then escort you to our parking lot just outside the arrival terminal. Our driver will take you to the place you need.

Question: How can I recognize my driver?
Answer: your driver are dressed in SATSCO's uniform

Question: Can I rent a chaufeur for sort or long term?
Answer: Yes, Our chauffeur services is totally reliable and very cost-effective. We have a non-smoking policy for all our drivers.

Question: Can I use a credit card to get cash in Vietnam?
Answer:  Yes, but it gets more difficult the further you are from the cities. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other centres have ATMs that accept the main cards, but only dispense local currency. Be warned that all credit card transactions in Vietnam are subject to a 3% surcharge (3.9% for Amex)

Question: Can I pay by credit card in Vietnam?
Answer: Yes, but only in a few places. In cities, large hotels, international restaurants and some souvenir shops take Visa or MasterCard, but it is not wise to rely upon it as a method of payment.

Question:  What about travellers’ cheques?
Answer: Travellers’ cheques and cash in any international currency can be changed at all major banks. Some hotels will accept travellers’ cheques.
Question:  What are the levels of commission for changing money in Vietnam?
Answer:  All credit card transactions in Vietnam are subject to a surcharge. Charges for other transactions vary: we will supply full details on request. There is no commission on excanging ‘hard’ currency.

Question:  Where can I change my currency into local currency?
Answer: At the airport, in banks, or in shops licensed to sell gold - exchange rates are very similar. Steer clear of street moneychangers - the exchange rate will be no better, and being given forged notes is a risk.
Question:  What if I have a lot of local currency left over when I leave?
Answer: You can change local currency back to the currency you entered with by showing the yellow customs slip that you were given on arrival. The amount you take out must be less than the original amount you brought in.

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Nha Trang sea festival to make waves


 The biennial Sea Festival in Nha Trang, in the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa, will begin on June 8 and run for four consecutive days.

The festival's activities will officially kick off at the April 2 Square by Tran Phu Road in the beach resort city, with a fireworks display held later in the night. Earlier on the day, festive goers can amuse themselves with performances of Spanish flamenco and traditional Japanese dance Bon Odori.

With more than 60 activities focusing on culture, arts, sports, tourism, fairs and workshops, the festival's organisers said they hoped to introduce to people at home and abroad the natural beauty and culture of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa as well as the friendliness and hospitality of the local people.

Speaking at a press conference in Ha Noi on Saturday, Khanh Hoa People's Committee deputy chairman and head of the festival organising board, Le Xuan Than stressed that all acitivites would be free of charge for both foreign and local visitors.

"We organised a variety of diversified activities to promote the beauty that nature bestows on the city. And one of our criteria is for sustainable tourism development to draw an increasing number of visitors to Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa and to keep them here for longer," said Than.

Over the past two years, the province has seen a significant increase in international visitors, particularly Russians.

According to Than, the first direct flight from Cam Ranh International Airport [the main airport serving Nha Trang area] to Russia's Moscow will take off this Friday and once every week and then twice a week as of September this year.

In 2012, the province's budget was at nearly VND10 trillion (US$450 million). Than said despite economic difficulties the province targeted to increase the budget to more than VND10.5 trillion.

According to organisers, up to 20 activities will take place ahead of the festival to amuse visitors.

The national Rock and Hip-Hop Festival will be held from June 1-3. On June 2 everybody is encouraged to join in the campaign to clean up the city by collecting rubbish.

A range of sports activities including bicycle racing, handball, volleyball and sailing competitions, and a national golf tour along with other arts and culture activities and seminars such as discussions on the development of swallow breeding in Viet Nam will be during the festival.

Tours to discover Nha Trang's islands and night fishing expeditions will be held during the festival among events such as beer, wine and food festivals, a cooking competition, kite flying and bicycle and vintage motorbike parades.

For fans of beauty pageants, the finals of the inaugural Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa Sea Queen will take place on the night of June 9, while a street carnival will be held on June 10 before the festival wraps up the following night.

On the sidelines of the festival, the first ever International Sea Travel Expo 2013 will be organised from June 7-10, with the aim to promote and build the trademark of Vietnamese sea and island travel.

The expo seeks to promote regional tourism and co-operation in the sector while also helping to draw more foreign investment into tourism industry infrastructure

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